Canna Connect Announces Strategic Partnership with Boveda

Mar 26, 2024

Thank you to Boveda for being an event and panel sponsor at Canna Connect 04

Minneapolis, MN (March 26, 2024) – Canna Connect, a leading cannabis community hub in Minnesota, is excited to announce a strategic promotional and event sponsorship with Boveda, Inc., a renowned manufacturer of humidity control solutions.

Building a Strong Community Together

"Boveda has been active in every state and country traversing the journey of medical and recreational cannabis normalization. It's been a sincere privilege to work with Canna Connect here in our home state.” says Drew Emmer, Boveda Fresh representative. “The name says it all. First is Canna, a sincere love and respect for the plant. Second is connect, creating spaces for diverse personalities to meet and collaborate- the central hub of the community. We're excited to see what we can create together!”

Partnership Highlights:

  • Boveda Mike and Boveda Scott were featured guests on the Minnesota Cannabis College, Northern Lights Podcast on March 25th, discussing Boveda Cannabis and offering valuable insights to listeners.

  • Boveda sponsored gift bags were distributed to participants in the March 18th Grow at Home Class hosted by Canna Connect and the Minnesota Cannabis College. This collaboration offered valuable knowledge to aspiring home growers and showcased Boveda's commitment to terpene preservation.

  • Premium booth space and promotional exposure: Boveda will be prominently featured at the upcoming Canna Connect 04 Minnesota Conference and Brand Expo (April 5-7). They will host a panel discussion titled "Minnesota's Green Rush: Unveiling the Adult-Use Landscape" and livestream the event for wider accessibility.

  • The "Drying & Curing Class" returns on April 15th, presented by the Minnesota Cannabis College and hosted by Canna Connect with Boveda's support. This class builds upon the success of the 2023 edition, offering in-depth education for cultivators and future licensed growers.

  • Post-event Recap Podcast: A dedicated podcast episode on April 16th will delve into the Boveda-sponsored events and highlight their efforts to promote terpene preservation in the industry.

  • The Bubble Hash Bonanza in May will further solidify Boveda's connection with Minnesota's home-growing and processing communities.


“Canna Connect values local ancillary brands like Boveda who make a positive difference,” says Stephen Eigenmann, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Minnesota Cannabis College. “We're grateful for their support of the college and the entire Minnesota cannabis community.”

About Canna Connect

Canna Connect is a Minnesota-based community hub dedicated to fostering connections, education, and responsible cannabis consumption. Through events, podcasts, and collaborations, they create a space for diverse voices to come together and explore the world of cannabis.

About Boveda

Boveda, headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, is a leading manufacturer of patented two-way humidity control solutions. Their innovative products help preserve the quality and freshness of a variety of products, including cannabis.

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Canna Connect, CEO