Canna Connect Home Grow Class with Canna Joy, Crooked Beverage, Storz & Bickel

Oct 9, 2023

Get Ready - Join the MN Cannabis College for the Experience of a Lifetime

The time has finally come for the Canna Connect x Minnesota Cannabis College, "Grow at Home Boot Camp" event. This event is presented by the Minnesota Cannabis College and produced by Canna Connect. Since we last met, we have assembled a new crew of brands that will raise the customer experience to a higher level than ever assembled for a professional small group taught by leaders in the Minnesota cannabis community.

Introducing Canna Joy MN

Canna Joy is your go-to destination in Minneapolis for premium seed bank and Minnesota hemp products. Join Bob & Erin in the speakeasy at our amazing home grower get-togethers where both beginner and experienced growers learn together and share techniques while the Minnesota Cannabis College helps answer questions. Our first few events with Doc Dabs exceeded all expectations, leaving everyone wanting more. Stay tuned for details on their next gathering of passionate growers!

Introducing Crooked Beverage

Introducing Crooked Beverage Company, born from the values of hard work, refreshing lakes, and endless summers. Founded by a group of five individuals from the chilly north, this company aims to revolutionize the chaotic market with their flavorful, compliant, and experiential products

Join us on October 9th at our exclusive event where we will be giving away packs of their sparkling tonic - a low-calorie alternative that caters to a world tired of hangovers. We admire Crooked Beverage's unique approach to making people feel good even after the buzz has faded. Don't miss the chance to meet Jeremy from the Crooked team and discover this extraordinary beverage that will leave you feeling "highdrated."

Introducing Storz & Bickel

Introducing the Storz & Bickel brand to our vaporizer community at Canna Connect MN has been a long-awaited delight. As passionate fans ourselves, we are thrilled to bring you their high-quality, German-made products. We will have their devices on display and for use at our upcoming Canna Connect community events inside The Wilderness. Storz & Bickel devices are used to heat up dry herbs to a temperature, where active ingredients are released into an inhalable cloud. S&B devices offer a precise temperature control to avoid combustion of the plant material.

Why Choose Storz & Bickel?

Storz & Bickel devices are a healthier alternative to combustion and smoking. Clear the air: Smoking is toxic, while S&B devices offer a safer way to enjoy the good stuff. Preserve the original structure of plant material and maximize active ingredient extraction over multiple sessions without any combustion.

There are studies (conducted with the VOLCANO) showing that using S&B devices is even more efficient than combustion.