Nov 1, 2023

Elevate Your Cannabis Drying and Curing Game at Boveda's 101 Class

Elevate Your Cannabis Drying and Curing Game at Boveda's 101 Class

Boveda's Drying & Curing 101 Class Presented by Canna Connect MN & Minnesota Cannabis College

Ready to perfect your cannabis drying and curing techniques? Join Brian Rice, Director of R&D at Boveda, and Matt Robidou, Founder of Raiden Labs, for an immersive and educational experience. Learn the ins and outs of drying and curing, the science behind it, and when to start the process. Discover the essential tools from Boveda that will revolutionize your cannabis cultivation. With a cannabis-friendly and professional approach, Rice and Robidou will guide you to the perfect end result. Don't miss out on this fun and informative class that will take your cannabis game to the next level!

About Brian Rice - Cannabis Innovation Expert:

With a passion for enhancing the drying and curing process, Brian Rice brings over 20 years of cannabis cultivation expertise to the table. As the Director of R&D at Boveda, he's dedicated to creating products that deliver a higher quality end result for consumers. His unique background in industries like tobacco and music adds a fresh perspective to the cannabis world. Get ready to learn from one of the best!

About Matt Robidou - Cannabis Cultivation Specialist:

Matt Robidou is a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis industry. As the founder of Raiden Labs and a plant science and sustainable agriculture student, he has the knowledge and experience to cultivate cannabis with precision. With his military background and attention to detail, he's the perfect consultant for research, education, and solventless extraction solutions. Watch out for this rising star!

Join the Boveda Drying & Curing Class:

Calling all home growers and cannabis enthusiasts! If you want to bring your home-grown cannabis to the next level, our Drying & Curing Class is for you. Learn the secrets of achieving the ideal drying environment, avoiding mold, and perfecting the science of curing. We'll introduce you to Boveda, the game-changing tool that helps maintain the perfect moisture level in your flower. Get ready to become a true cannabis connoisseur. See you in class!

Discover Boveda - Leaders in Cannabis Technology:

Founded in 1997, Boveda is at the forefront of cannabis technology. Their 2-way humidity control system is a game-changer for preserving terpenes and cannabinoids. With their revolutionary approach, they create a terpene shield using purified water and salts to maintain the ideal humidity level. Protect the quality of your cannabis products and preserve precious trichomes with Boveda's salt-based technology. Keep your cannabis fresh with Boveda!

Learn the Art of Cannabis at Minnesota Cannabis College:

Are you in Minnesota and looking to gain essential cultivation and extraction skills? Minnesota Cannabis College is here for you. Join their class co-hosted with Canna Connect MN to prepare for the adult-use cannabis market on the horizon. With a team passionate about cannabis and diverse employment backgrounds, you'll gain the knowledge to navigate the practical and legal framework of cannabis in Minnesota. Get ready to explore the exciting world of cannabis with Minnesota Cannabis College!

Connect with Minnesota's Cannabis Community at Canna Connect MN:

Canna Connect MN is your go-to hub for connections in Minnesota's cannabis industry. Their inclusive and engaging community fosters authentic relationships and promotes education. Join Canna Connect MN to be a part of the thriving cannabis community in Minnesota.