From College Intern to Craft Cannabis Seltzer: The Birth of 4Canna

Mar 27, 2024

This week, a dream came true! I visited Modist Brewing to witness the final stages of production for our collaborative THC seltzer, 4Canna. Seeing the cans filled and readied for distribution across Minnesota was a powerful moment, marking the culmination of months of hard work and creative collaboration.

The seed of this project was actually planted years ago. Back in college, I interned on the beverage innovation team at Buffalo Wild Wings under Patrick Kirk. That's where I first encountered the exciting world of "beer cocktails." Fast forward nearly 15 years, and I found myself consulting on the launch of the Northern Lights beverage for the Minnesota Cannabis College.

When I envisioned Canna Connect, I wanted a brand that would foster connection and push the boundaries of Minnesota's cannabis market. While working with the College, Tanner challenged me to create my own THC beverage. But I wasn't interested in just another THC drink. We aimed to create something truly unique – a multi-cannabinoid, full-spectrum experience focused on enjoyability and social consumption. Our goal was a sessionable and uplifting beverage, perfect for networking events or sharing with friends.

Let's be honest, if pure intoxication is your priority, there are cheaper options, especially in a legal market. We wanted something different – a thoughtfully crafted beverage offering a balanced and elevating experience.

This project became particularly personal. The flavor profile – a blend of apple, lemon, and ginger – pays homage to my favorite cold-pressed juice. I envisioned a beverage capturing that same zest and invigoration with a touch of natural sweetness. The team at Modist Brewing did an amazing job translating my vision into a consumer-friendly product. They listened attentively, understood my desire for a bright flavor, and even gently steered me away from some bolder ideas (like adding cayenne pepper at the last minute!).

A huge shout-out to John Dugas and the team at Superior Molecular! Their expertise in water-soluble technology and natural cannabis terpenes sourced from a local hemp farmer were instrumental in elevating the flavor profile and allowing Modist to create a truly groundbreaking beverage.

Curious to try 4Canna for yourself? Join us for the launch party on April 5th at Modist Brewing! The product will be available for purchase starting April 6th, initially exclusively at our conference and expo, before hitting shelves at local Minnesota hemp shops and CBD retailers.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to the Minnesota Cannabis College for inspiring this delicious creation, and to Andy Herzog from Modist Brewing for his unwavering support throughout the entire process.

See you there!

Stephen Eigenmann