From Legalization to Community: Canna Connect Reflects on Six Months of Impact

Feb 1, 2024

Event attendees and vendors mingle at Canna Connect 02, hosted by Canna Connect on July 29th at The Wilderness

Minnesota's Legal Cannabis Industry

It's hard to believe how much has unfolded in just six months. Minnesota's legalization brought immense change, and Canna Connect MN proudly played a role in shaping its early landscape.

Building a Thriving Ecosystem:

  • Forging Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with industry leaders like Storz & Bickel, along with numerous local brands, we've built a platform for meaningful connections and collaborative growth.

  • Curating a Welcoming Market: Our initiatives foster a comfortable environment where consumers and brands can confidently engage with the blossoming cannabis industry.

  • Hosting Innovative Events: Canna Connect 03, featuring industry expert Josh Lindgren (The Stash), showcased unique brands like FLO, an award-winning o3 oxygenated beverage.

Beyond Events & Awards:

While milestones like conferences and awards are gratifying, Canna Connect MN's true impact lies deeper. The heart of our community lies in the incredible individuals who share their passion and knowledge.

A Moment of Gratitude:

We extend our sincere thanks to Raiden Labs for capturing the Canna Connect experience in this compelling video.

Looking Ahead:

As we move forward, Canna Connect MN remains committed to fostering connections, facilitating education, and promoting responsible engagement within Minnesota's evolving cannabis industry.

Join us on this exciting journey: