From Liquor Sales to Cannabliss: A Winding Road Leads to Green Pastures

Jan 31, 2024

Fresh out of college in 2011, I faced a crossroads. My Mom was trying her best to help me find a fulltime job and she steered me towards liquor distribution, a position with a path and an industry she thought fit my personality. I landed an interview at Johnson Brothers, but the offer came with a price - I would need to ensure that my car could handle driving across the metro to merchandise inside of stores. My trusty old Cadillac wouldn't cut it, and frankly, I wasn't sold on the gig. After overserving myself in college and witnessing the industry's impact firsthand at Buffalo Wild Wings (thanks, Patrick Kirk!), the allure of big booze brands had faded.

But life has a funny way of guiding you. Today, as I stand poised to dive back into the world of beverages with Modist Brewing Co. and exciting new releases brewing, I can't help but grin. Because guess what? Weed's officially on the menu!

My journey wasn't linear, but it led me to Canna Connect MN, and boy, am I excited. We're building a community around Minnesota's thriving cannabis scene, connecting curious minds with quality products and fostering meaningful conversations.

Ready to explore the green side of the beverage industry?