From Sports Fan to Cannapreneur: My Unexpected Journey & The Power of Support

Feb 27, 2024

My childhood dream? To be celebrated, not selling the paper that celebrated others. As a die-hard Star Tribune reader (go Twins!), I devoured sports legends like Carter and Moss. Later, friends like Chris Taylor stole the show on the court. College brought a different path, but after graduation, my friends began making headlines – Kamal, Eric, Tom, Kevin, LJ – all thriving as University of Saint Thomas food entrepreneurs. Their infectious enthusiasm and trailblazing spirit might have had something to do with why I decided to join their journey.

Fast forward five years: my path has taken a bold turn. Today, I'm passionate about the cannabis industry, building Canna Connect through innovative events and engaging hospitality. It may be unexpected, but not to those who know my entrepreneurial drive and appetite for exploration.

I'm immensely grateful for their unwavering support and the valuable lessons learned along the way. Today, Tom is leading the charge with the Minnesota Food Truck Festival, while Kamal's visionary mind is captivating Minneapolis with his latest restaurant, Parcelle. Both STEPCHLD and Parcelle showcase the exciting potential that exists within their fields.

Want to dive deeper into my journey from juice to cannabis, and the vision behind Canna Connect? Check out my feature in the latest issue of "nuggets," the Star Tribune's cannabis newsletter!