Cannabis Compliance in the Spotlight: Inspections, Retail, and Livestream Q&A!

Mar 2, 2024

Calling all Minnesota cannabis businesses! We've got a can't-miss event for you on March 21st.

Demystifying Inspections: What to Expect

The night kicks off with a presentation by Chris Elvrum, Assistant Director of Health, Office of Medical Cannabis at the MN Department of Health. He'll be shedding light on the inspection process for Minnesota cannabis businesses. This is your chance to learn directly from the Department of Health about:

  • Standard inspection procedures

  • Compliance expectations

  • Tips for a smooth inspection

Navigating Retail Products: A Panel Discussion

Join us for a lively panel discussion featuring experts from North Star Law Group and House of Oilworx. They'll be tackling the hot topic of Minnesota cannabis retail products and store inspections. This is your opportunity to gain insights on:

  • Current regulations for retail products

  • Addressing compliance challenges in your store

  • Ensuring a positive experience during inspections

Livestream for Expanded Reach

We understand that not everyone can attend in person. That's why we're offering a livestream option for the entire event! This way, you can stay informed about the latest regulations and industry discussions, no matter your location in Minnesota.

Plus, a Special Speakeasy Experience

House of Oilworx will be hosting a private, compliant speakeasy experience within The Wilderness venue. This is a unique opportunity to delve deeper into cannabis product compliance and industry regulations in a relaxed setting. (Space is limited, so inquire for details!)

Don't miss this chance to gain valuable knowledge, ask your pressing questions, and connect with fellow industry professionals. Register today!