Oct 10, 2023

Previewing our Storz & Bickel Sponsorship with Elliot Ginsburg | Garner, Ginsburg, & Johnsen

Previewing our Storz & Bickel Sponsorship with Elliot Ginsburg | Garner, Ginsburg, & Johnsen

Storz & Bickel Private Patio Experience at Canna Connect 03

As long-time fans of vaporizers, we were delighted to learn that Storz & Bickel was interested in being involved with Canna Connect MN. We were waiting for the right time to introduce our community to the brand.

Storz & Bickel - The Volcano

The VOLCANO CLASSIC is the first product from their company and the reason STORZ & BICKEL is so strong today.

In 1996, Markus Storz came across an article suggesting that herbs do not necessarily have to be burned, but can also be inhaled in a more gentle way, by means of vaporization. He was immediately captivated by the idea and built himself a Hot Air Generator using a glass pipe and a hot air gun. The mode of operation convinced him immediately, but the handling of the heat gun construction was very laborious in the long run. So… Markus decided to build a device that would simplify the usage.

We're excited to introduce more people to Storz & Bickel

Canna Connect x Storz & Bickel

As we were exploring this collaboration, we took into account the time of the year and the venue where we host our events at The Wilderness. We were seeking a suitable option that allows our community to participate in flower consumption, but we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the typical Minneapolis smoking event.

We intend to respect the venue's rules (indoor air act). While also maximizing the venue's outdoor patio. We will have Storz & Bickel Volcanoes on the patio, along with the Mighty+ and the Crafty+. We encourage individuals to bring up to two ounces of cannabis flower with them to the event series in October.

Storz & Bickel Private Patio Consumption Experience

Here's what you can expect at Canna Connect 03's private patio experience:

Our capacity for the Storz & Bickel patio at The Wilderness is 50 people. Throughout October, the Storz & Bickel patio at The Wilderness is 21+ for adults only. Personal use is OK and so is gifting flower. According to 342.09, Subd. 1(b)(8), if the giver is in the business of selling goods or services, they cannot gift cannabis flower as a sample or promotional gift.

Legal Recap from Elliot Ginsburg, Partner at Garner, Ginsburg, and Johnsen

One of the unique aspects of Minnesota’s adult-use cannabis law is the ability to use cannabis flower “on private property, not generally accessible by the public, unless” the owner of the property prohibits it. Minn. Stat. 342.09, Subd. 1(a)(7)(ii). At this point, selling cannabis flower is still not legal – Minnesota does not have commercial cannabis licenses available yet. But because of the adult-use provision, you can grow, possess, and transport two ounces or less of your own cannabis (and gift it for no ‘remuneration’). Minn. Stat. 342.09, Subd. 1(a)(2), (6).

Canna Connect MN is setting up a patio at The Wilderness where attendees can take advantage of Minnesota’s adult-use laws. Attendees are able to bring their own cannabis and will have the opportunity to experience the Storz & Bickel VOLCANO products on the Canna Connect patio.

As an owner of the VOLCANO CLASSIC for the past four years or so, I can attest to the quality of Storz & Bickel’s products. I do not represent Storz & Bickel, am not affiliated with Storz & Bickel, and receive no payment from Storz & Bickel – I just like their product.

As the cannabis industry grows in Minnesota, there are going to be all sorts of questions regarding compliance and licensing. We are going to be attending Canna Connect and are happy to talk to anyone interested in getting into the industry. Canna Connect is going to be a great place to network, and it is also going to provide a great opportunity for learning about the ins and outs of the cannabis industry to come in Minnesota.