What is the Northern Lights Podcast? Minnesota Cannabis Industry Podcast

Jan 1, 2024

What is the Northern Lights Podcast?

The Northern Lights podcast is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Tanner Berris and Marcus Harcus, along with Shana Payton, John Bartee, and Steve Eigenmann. Together they make up the Minnesota Cannabis College.

What does the Northern Lights Podcast cover?

The Northern Lights podcast covers news updates, legislation, product drops, event previews, and in-depth interviews with industry leaders and influencers in the Minnesota cannabis industry.

Who is the intended Northern Lights Podcast listener?

Anyone with an interest in Minnesota's cannabis industry can listen to the podcast. The podcast is available on apple podcasts, Spotify, and recently became available on YouTube for people who prefer to watch their podcasts. Each episode includes listener questions, fun games, and highlights of notable businesses in the local cannabis industry. The podcast is free to listen to on all major platforms.

Who has appeared on the Northern Lights podcast?

  1. Mason Alt, owner of Uniflora Holistics and Love is An Ingredient

  2. Rep. Jess Hanson, Minnesota State Representative (55A)

  3. Cory Lake, owner of Lakes Group Insurance

  4. David Gonzalez, Head of Growth at Hemp House MN and co-founder of Fizzy THC

  5. Jen Reise, Cannabis business attorney at North Star Law Group

  6. Thomas Thorpe and Aaron Morrison, creators of Granny's Pretzels

  7. Jen Reise, Legal Services for Cannabis Business Owners

  8. Bob and Erin Walloch, owners of Canna Joy MN

  9. Erin Dupree, former Director of the Office of Cannabis Management

  10. Matt Overcast, Cannabis business attorney at North Star Law Group

  11. Phillip Owens, creator of Nomatry

  12. Steve Eigenmann, owner of Clean Green Media and creator of Canna Connect

  13. Will Johnston and Cayle Reinhart, Dabbler Depot THC

  14. Josh Wilken-Simon, owner of Legacy Glassworks and Legacy Cannabis MN

  15. Rachelle Gordon, Editor at Greenstate Media, cannabis journalist

  16. Anthony Newby, Cat Franklin and Stefan Egan, Planting Seeds in 2024

  17. Stephen Cornell, Growing Soil (and regulations)

What else do I need to know about the Northern Lights Podcast produced by the Minnesota Cannabis College?

Bonus content may be released occasionally. Such as when there is breaking news in the local industry! Join Tanner and Marcus as they explore the northern lights of the cannabis industry. Would you like to be on the show? Send an email to steve@mncannabiscollege.org to start the conversation!